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Raise Right Gift Cards

Our PTO uses an organization called Raise Right to sell discount gift cards. 


Parents buy digital or physical  gift cards, either through the website or the app called Raise Right. Each gift card has a certain rebate percentage (2.5%-18%).  You pay full price up front and the PTO receives your rebate. Twice a year we write you a check for 50% of the rebate you earned and the PTO keeps the other 50% to fund our programs.


Your family earns money. The PTO earns money.  You aren’t buying popcorn or wrapping paper.  You’re using gift cards for every day purchases or sending them as gifts. How easy is that?!

The new app allows you to easily track your gift cards and receive them within a minute or so. You can buy the gift card in the checkout line and pay at the register with it!  It’s that fast! You can also ship physical gift cards directly to your home for a minimal fee.

Please click below to view our FAQ document and fill out a contract if you’re interested in participating. There’s a separate contract for our 8th grade field trip parents because they keep 90% of the rebates they earn to help pay for the trip.  Our SCRIP coordinator will send you the enrollment code and you can start earning immediately!




We will be placing a big order in December before Christmas. If you’d like free shipping and to pick up your order from school, have your order in before our deadline (TBD) through the app or website. Select ship to Coordinator.



- Raise Right FAQ document

- Raise Right General Contract

-Raise Right 8th Grade Field Trip Contract

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