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Fun(ner!) Run 2023 Results!

And the results are in! Thanks to all who volunteered, fundraised and cheered. #FunnerRun2023


To those who attended, donated, supported, volunteered, and overall made this year’s PTO Fun(ner!) Run a HUGE success- THANK YOU!!! Your PTO board members are filled with gratitude and awe at how, once again, the Leman community has come together to make our main fundraiser happen and allow PTO to fund our MANY programs for the 2023-24 school year. 


The Fun(ner!) run fundraising goal was set last school year and was incredibly ambitious. The Leman community came together to raise a staggering nearly $85,000 as the main source of funding for all PTO programs. This is an incredible feat and although the main goal was not met, we should all be dancing in the streets with excitement and pride for the amount of funding we as a community raised. 


In addition to the funds raised by students and families, we were able to expand our Business Sponsorship Program this year to bring in $27,000 to support the overhead expenses for our events. This number is more than 5 times what was brought in last year, and will allow for more of our student-raised dollars to go directly back to the school fund our programs and support the student experience. 


Through the Fun(ner!) Run and Business Sponsorship Program, the PTO has raised nearly $112,000 in funding for the 2023-24 school year. This is INCREDIBLE and will allow all planned programs and expenditures to proceed! We hope everyone involved feels the pride we all do to be part of this remarkable, generous, and supportive community. 


2023 Fun(ner!) Run by the Numbers:


57% of Leman students registered on the fundraising platform

50% of Leman students raised money

$15,201 Raised by 2nd grade (Elementary School Winner)

$10,060 Raised by 6th grade (Middle School Winner)

$6,310 Raised by top Elementary class - Mrs. Weiand’s 2nd grade class!

$2,770 Raised by top Middle School class - Ms. Doyle’s 6th grade class!


We hope you and your students enjoyed the reimagined Fun(ner!) Run, exciting raffles, dancing Dinos in car line, and all the excitement of this big event! Please join our PTO email list and Leman Parents Facebook Group to stay in the know on all things PTO and ways to enjoy and support the efforts of our Leman PTO.

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