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I can’t volunteer during the school day, can I still help out?

Absolutely! We know many of our parents don’t have the flexibility to take time off to help with lunch or other in-school volunteer opportunities.

PTO has several events that we plan during the school year and the planning meetings are scheduled at the time that works for the volunteers. Even if you can’t be at the actual event, you can still help figure out all the logistics.

Some of our event teams include:

- Fun Run

- Trunk or Treat

- School Dances

- Staff Appreciation Week

- Service Projects

We also have other behind the scenes opportunities to help out that can be done anytime.

- Help setup and monitor volunteer signups.

- Create flyers for events.

- Organize monthly teacher appreciation events (sometimes a physical item, other times something like setting up a sign up to stock the breakrooms)

- At home cutting/sorting for Helping Hands.

And if you just have no time to give, you can watch out for our periodic opportunities to donate items towards teacher lunches and other appreciation events.

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