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I have young children, what can I participate in?

We know many of our families have younger children at home that aren't old enough to be in school yet. We still value your participation at our school!

Attend Meetings

Younger siblings are welcome at our PTO meetings! At every meeting we have small kids in attendance. The meetings are in the cafeteria so you can bring coloring books or other activities to help them be entertained. Our meetings are only an hour, sometimes shorter and its fine if you can't stay the whole time.

We also welcome you to join planning committees. Children are always welcome to tag along to planning meetings.

Event Volunteering

Younger children are allowed at volunteer opportunities that don't happen during a typical school days. Examples are Fun Run, Uniform Sale, Trunk or Treat, Dances, Book Fairs, Staff Appreciation meals, etc. We trust you to use your own judgment about whether your children can tag along for one of those events.

In-school Volunteering NOT Allowed in These Situations

We do NOT allow younger siblings to come along on a volunteer shift that happens during the school day. Its just too hard to volunteer and chase an active toddler/preschooler at the same time. This includes cafeteria, recess, and helping hands (making copies for teachers).

In-School Volunteering Allowed in These Situations

  • If your child is young enough that you can carry them the whole time, you can bring them. If you can keep them in a sling/carrier you can still volunteer in cafeteria, recess, etc.

  • If you're volunteering in a classroom, just ask your teacher if they're ok with a younger sibling tagging along.

Enjoy those pre-school years! They go by in a flash!

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