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PTO works to help fill the volunteer needs of the school.  While Leman Academy doesn't have formal volunteer requirements, we want our families to serve as much as they can.  Its so fulfilling to support our amazing school.


Volunteers are needed in the cafeteria to help pass out food, clean and assist scholars with their lunches.  Click here for a tip sheet on helping in the lunchroom. 

Having Lunch


We ask for help for multiple events throughout the year including monthly teacher appreciation events, book fair, dances, etc.. Those opportunities can be found on our signup pages as they come up.

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Kids at Playground


Love being outside?  We have an opportunity to help with our lunch-time recesses.  Click here for a tip sheet on helping at recess.  

Office copying machine

Helping Hands

Help make copies and do other work to help teachers behind the scenes. Initial meeting time is Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm. More shifts may be added depending on workload.  

PTO Committees

PTO cannot put on the events that we do without your help!  Please sign up to show you're interested in helping with events or teams during the year.

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