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We never want you to feel like we're "always asking for money". Participate in what you'd like to and skip what you don't.  We have one direct fundraiser and otherwise focus on more passive fundraising where you just earn money for us doing something you'd already do (eat out for spirit nights, etc.). We are a 501c3 so any donations to us are tax deductible. All funds are spent according to the budget passed by our members.  You can see more details here on that process.


The Leman Stroh PTO does one direct fundraiser a year. For 2023-24 we held the Fun(ner!) Run in September. If you would like to make a direct donation to the PTO at other times during the year, you can drop a check at the office made out to "Leman PTO Inc" or use the PayPal link below. All monetary gifts to the PTO are tax deductible, as we are a certified non-profit with the IRS.

Passive Fundraisers

We also have several ways you can support our school through what we call passive fundraisers.  You spend money on something you normally would and help us earn money along the way.

King Soopers Rewards-2.png
KS Rewards

Mabel's Labels

Mabels Labels

Look for Boxtop images on items you buy, scan the receipt for your purchase, money automatically comes back to our school!

Box Tops for Education

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